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About Us

An intimate space to watch a live theater show

Walking on the side streets of places like London, New York, and Boston, we felt a distinct neighborhood character in the collection of theaters, small restaurants, pubs, and piano bars.  We embarked on a vision to put this into a physical space here in Struthers, Ohio.  In 2014, we designed and constructed a tiny stage above Selah Restaurant.  Today, it continues to grow in technical capabilities and audience following.  Our primary goal is to tell captivating stories that will challenge our casts and have audience members talking and thinking about the performance when they leave the theater.

We produce shows for an intimate space that are not frequently produced in the area.  Our audiences appreciate the fact that they do not see the same shows they see in other theaters.  The intimacy of this theater provides an experience for both cast members and audiences that allows them to feel connected and a part of the story.

The life journeys of a few become an avenue for the life journeys of the many.

Here's what customers have said about us:

Beautiful set...beautiful actors...beautiful music and singing...all in all, a BEAUTIFUL evening...and the dessert was beautiful too...

Great!  Always enjoyable and entertaining!
It was an excellent evening of entertainment... the play was very well done.

I really enjoyed the evening! The performance was so good! Very well done! And dessert was delicious, a terrific experience!  Thanks again!


We very much enjoyed both the show and dinner.  

The show was fantastic!!!  The actors again did a wonderful job.  Also the dessert was great also.  Thank you for a wonderful evening.


Definitely will return,  the performance was amazing!!


It was wonderful. My friend was in town and I wanted to do something special for her.


The show was so good we both had a wonderful evening and the food was out of this world. Thank you so much


It was great!!  Actors were so good and the play, while sad, really was thought provoking.  Kudos to all.  We brought friends who have never been to Selah before and they loved the food, atmosphere, and dessert theater.  I know they’ll be back!


Keep up the good work, you have an awesome theater

Very enjoyable evening! Performers were engaging and professional…. Dessert was very nice …will attend again!


Perfectly Splendid 💚

We had a wonderful time as usual, with both the food and performance being outstanding.


Thank you for a wonderful evening.

They have once again found an ideal cast to deliver the goods and what she packs in to that intimate space overflows each and every time

I attended the show last night. It was perfection from beginning to end. The acting, direction and overall production were all superb.

Saw the show this evening and what a fabulous production by a sharp and stellar cast. Equal parts comedic and dark it was deftly directed with finesse . A quality piece of theater that deserves to be seen. Thanks for a moving play of the highest standard.

I couldn’t believe what I saw tonight—- I’m a hundred times impressed. I haven’t felt this way about a show since my time at my own theater way back when. Be proud!!! You all did excellent!!! 

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